September 29, 2016

About Us

The M.W. York Grand Lodge of Mexico, F. & A.M., is the only Grand Lodge in Mexico that is in full fraternal relations with the main Regular Masonic Grand Lodges throughout the world.

The official language of our Grand Lodge is English. However, we have Lodges that work in English, Spanish and German in different parts of Mexico. To view the list of our Lodges and their different locations and languages, click on “LODGES” section Since 1911, the M.W. York Grand Lodge of Mexico, F. & A.M has the recognition of -and relations with, the most important Grand lodges in the world such as England (The United Grand Lodge of England, the oldest Grand Lodge), Scotland, Ireland, leading European Grand Lodges, besides all the Grand Lodges in the United States and Canada, the majority of the Latin American Grand Lodges, and Asia. Our Grand Lodge is the only Mexican Grand Lodge recognized by the United Grand Lodge of England (

The M.W. York Grand Lodge of Mexico, F. & A.M is member of the Conference of Grand Masters in North America (

If you are not yet a Free Mason and would like to know more about our Fraternity, contact us, We will be pleased to mail you relevant information.

All Brother Masons in good standing who hail from any of those regular jurisdictions are welcome to visit our Lodges and, if they are now residing in Mexico, and their Grand Lodge permits it, to affiliate as dual members.